Computer Services

by Jeffrey D. Cotton


I Providing The Best Quality Service every time!

My PC Skills 

For 20+ years I owned my own computer services business in Idaho USA.  Solving every job I have been confronted with. I am very professional and always on time. If I am late I have a good reason and will always call you personally.

I am a Multimedia/Technology expert wanting to keep helping people and utilize all of my skills. Everything from: Web Design, Computer Support, Computer Setups, overseeing Audio, Video Production, Animation, Project Management, Supervisor or Technical troubleshooting.

Since I closed my door to the public a year ago,I still have people calling me who will have no one else work on their compter systems so I decided to start helping others again as well.

I want to take all of my experiences and put them to good use for you. I am very bright and  fast at fixing issues on the PC, and would be a valuable asset to anyone who hired me. 


For anything outside of PC skills listed the price varies and you will need to talk with me about your needs and how I can help you. 

Email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 







• Lessons on windows and other applications 

• All Versions of Windows 

• Home A/V Computer integration/ Installation 

• Computer Consultant 

• Computer System troubleshooter 

• Computer Teacher 

• Help you build a Custom PC Systems

• Tech you how and what to Backup

• Spyware and Virus Removal (internet required) 

• Troubleshoot windows errors (100% repaired) 

• Hardware/Software upgrades (On/Off-line) 

• Data Recovery (if the drive spins up) 

• Home/Office Networking/Cat-5 or wireless 

• System Diagnostics troubleshooting 

• Yearly maintenance (Cleaning inside and out) 

• Internet troubleshooting dsl/cable/satellite

• Internet and Email help 

• Help you find reliable products through research


Other Skills

• Graphics (Photoshop, GIMP, and more)

• PowerPoint presentation templates

• Edit your Video Footage

• Voice Overs for your scripts

• Video Conversions

• Audio Voice Overs

• Streaming Media for the Internet

• Video Tutorials